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Martin Urbanec

Martin Urbanec (diskuse · příspěvky)

Contact me

  • Global block inquiries: stewards@wikimedia.org
  • Personal email (do not send block inquries to this address): martin.urbanec@wikimedia.cz
  • IRC (Libera chat): urbanecm (cloak: wikimedia/Martin-Urbanec)
  • Usual timezone: UTC+1 (winter time), UTC+2 (summer time)


Tento uživatel je člen Monitorovacího týmu pro malé wiki.
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cs-N Tento uživatel je rodilý mluvčí češtiny.
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I'm Martin Urbanec, and my homewiki is cs.wikipedia (where I serve as an administrator, bureaucrat and checkuser) and Wikidata (where I'm an administrator).

I'm active in Wikimedia technical community, for which I serve as a system administrator. I have the same role in Wikimedia Czech Republic. Feel free to contact me if you need help with technical stuff, I will do my best to help you.

I'm a Wikimedia Foundation staff member; for a description of what I do in that role, see my staff user page.

I'm active as a cross-wiki patroller. If you are here, because I reverted your edit, I might not speak your language. For the list of languages I know, see the list at the right of this page. Feel free to contact me and explain why I reverted it wrong!

My alternative accounts

If you are here to see the list of alternate accounts I have, please see m:User:Martin Urbanec/Alternate accounts.

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