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edit summary[editovat]

Hi, and be welcome here. Please do not use the idiom "robot přidal" ("added by a bot") in your edit summary as it is not quite exact and confuse. Thanks, and good luck. -jkb- 23:55, 15. 3. 2008 (UTC)

your another account[editovat]

After you have created the account [[User:Počítač]] you should have a notice about it on your page User:White Cat. And, further on, if you will be editting here ('though I cannot imagine what and why), so please use only the account User:White Cat; using of two different accounts is quite not usual on this domain. Thanks for understanding, -jkb- 00:39, 16. 3. 2008 (UTC)

I am a bot operator, the second account in question is my bot account. To date I always interwiki linked my userpage and bot userpage before asking for a bot flag. This way I make sure the bot has no setting issues. -- Cat chi? 00:52, 16. 3. 2008 (UTC)

I appreciate your interest on this domain. But first you should have a short look at Wikisource:Boti to avoid such discussions like e.g. on de.wikinews. You simply cannot tag your second account as a bot when it is not a bot, and probably it will not be either (and, the template does not exist). Apart from the missed knowledge of the local language, this is a Wikisource not a Wikipedia and to work here you should have a certain niveau of experiences to make specialized edits. When I see your page on meta so I do not have the feeling that you do a lot for your specialisation. I thank you for understanding. -jkb- 14:37, 16. 3. 2008 (UTC)

I will be requesting a bot flag soon enough. I have taken a break from wikipedia and spent time off wiki for a change. I work at my own place so please stop it. -- Cat chi? 16:24, 16. 3. 2008 (UTC)

I protected the user page [[Uživatel:Počítač]]. If you care here something or not is another problem, but once again: the account IS NOT A BOT, the possibility that it will be a bot is very marginal, so please respect the customs and conventions of this daomain otherwise I will have to block it. I hope you will formulate your next edit summary with a bit more patience. Thanks. -jkb- 16:55, 16. 3. 2008 (UTC)

provisory block for your another account[editovat]

I have just blocked the account User:Computer provisoryly for 3 days till we clear the matter. Please do not try to make another contributions in the main name space at allas you seem to make a lot of mistakes. I will tell you the results within this day. -jkb- 08:27, 20. 3. 2008 (UTC)

See please my edit here. After we have tried to talk with you and to make some agreements and after you did not take this chance we do not see any other possibility as this one. Please do not edit or contribute in the main name space any more. Thanks for understanding, -jkb- 19:25, 20. 3. 2008 (UTC)

you and this domain[editovat]

White Cat, in response to your edit on en.source here I would like to clear it: you have not been prohibited to edit here, I just stopped the work your bot to prevent this domain from many wrong edits and mistakes. This I have done after you fully ignored the steps how to make an agreement for further work. These rules are in English here and they should and will be respected. Secondly: might be you have good experiences in interwiki setting in wikipedias. But Wikisource IS something else, a bible is not a bible, that simply. Normaly it is necessary to make a huge research to decide how to link. I think I am not the only one who tells you this. So, once again, I did not say or make anything against you as person, might be we could understand each other quite well, all my activities here or elsewhere has been directed to the matter. I hope you understand this. -jkb- 08:46, 21. 3. 2008 (UTC)